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“The more skilled a trainer, the less force used.”

Klaudia is a positive reinforcement focused trainer whose philosophy is based on training dogs via trust, respect, and compassion rather than intimidation. She takes the “firm but fair” approach to training and believes in teaching rather than punishing. She is passionate about helping people build the best relationship possible with their dog.

Klaudia is a CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed), Certified Mantrailing Instructor, and certified by ProPetHero in CPR and First Aid. CPDT-KA accreditation means she is up to date on the latest canine training research and is aligned with the LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) approach to training. Klaudia has hands-on training experience in the areas on puppy obedience, reactivity cases, trick training, mantrailing, and agility.

Klaudia is also a Certified Mental Performance Consultant and works with student-athletes in the areas of sport psychology and mental health at the University of Alberta. This means that she can help guide her clients through the “mental” aspect of dog training. Behavior modification doesn’t come without its challenges, so she can provide strategies such as breathwork and confidence building along your journey. Dogs can sense our energy and learn best when we as trainers are calm and confident, so one of the biggest challenges for us humans is getting our internal state “right”.


Are We a Fit?

Klaudia’s ideal client truly cares about their dog and wants to “do more with their dog!” They are patient, accountable, and willing to do the work as there are no quick fixes in behavior change. The best clients are the ones who follow through, stay consistent between training sessions, and are willing to laugh along the way!

Her values as a person and dog trainer are joy, passion, honesty, and integrity.


Miika the Soul Dog


Miika came into Klaudia's life in 2016 and it was the picture perfect "the dog chooses you" story. Klaudia and Miika share an indescribable bond and Miika has completely changed Klaudia's life. Miika the red heeler mix is a certified therapy dog and co-owner of Unleashed Explorers ;) Miika and Klaudia both really love to participate and compete in agility, barn hunt, sheep herding, and Mantrailing. Miika is the reason Klaudia embarked on her professional dog training journey. 


Melo the Mexican Rescue


Caramelo (now goes by Melo) is a rescue from Sayulita Animals in Mexico. Melo came into Klaudia's life by accident after she brought him back to Canada to rehome after her surf trip in 2019. Long story short, Melo the terrier chihuahua mix is now living his best life with his big sister Miika and they all love exploring and spending tons of time outdoors. Melo is also a rising agility star and loves trick training and Mantrailing. 

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