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"Training Dogs to Find people"

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Are you looking for something new and fun to do with your dog? Mantrailing is an exciting dog sport where dogs use their noses to find people. It involves teaching search and rescue techniques where you and your dog work as a team to find a missing person from a scent article. An excellent way to strengthen your bond with your dog and give them a physical and mental outlet in an outdoor setting. Mantrailing is for all dogs regardless of age, breed, temperament, and previous training. Only one dog is worked at a time so even reactive dogs can take part in this exciting sport. 

In each 3 hour Introductory Workshop you will be introduced to scent work theory, target sniffing, line handling, and you and your dog will get to try 3 trails. 

What you need to bring:​

  • a harness for your dog (required)

  • a long line 30 foo(if you have one)

  • 2 pocket sized containers

  • very high value treats

  • a cool place for your dog to rest (e.g., car) in between trails

  • water

  • appropriate clothing and footwear

  • gloves (optional)


Next Intro to Mantrailing Workshops: 

July 14 2024 (full)

August 11 2024 (4 spots)

Location: Laurier Heights


*If you have completed an Introductory workshop and would like to join ongoing trailing sessions, please contact for more info.

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Klaudia is a Certified Mantrailing Global Assessor. Please contact for more information if you would like to book your Level 1 Assessment.


More info on assessments here:


click here to Learn more about mantrailing

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